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Our branch is run by a committed group of individuals.The Officers and Stewards are all volunteers who are involved in consultations and negotiations on Terms and Conditions with the University on behalf of UNISON members.

UNISON University of Sheffield aims to improve the working lives of its members. Although we have traditionally represented secretarial and clerical staff at the University we have a wide range of staff members including senior administrators, nursing, domestic and ancillary staff.

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Unions mobilise for an autumn of pay protests (12/09/14)

This autumn sees UNISON and many other UK trade unions stepping up their campaigns for better pay for their members.

On Saturday 18 October the TUC-organised Britain Needs a Pay Rise march and rally takes place in London, with similar events in Glasgow and Northern Ireland combining for the biggest demonstration in the UK of the decade.

Those demonstrations will be aimed at conveying the message of public sector workers to the public at large.

But UNISON members are also making their feelings crystal clear to employers.

Local government workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have already started their programme of industrial action over pay. And strike ballots are currently underway across a number of other sectors, including the NHS, academy schools and local government workers in Scotland.

The message is the same: "enough is enough".

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis told the TUC Congress this week that now was the time "to defend all we have achieved and yet not to be ashamed to ask for more".

At the heart of that demand is "a living wage for real people whose wellbeing is being ignored," he said.

The number of workers who don’t earn enough to live on rocketed from 3.4m in 2009 to 5.2m in 2013. 

Yet no more than 1% is being offered across the public sector for the coming year – nowhere near enough to combat the rising cost of living, or years of pay freezes.

This is the current schedule of ballots, agreed strike actions and demonstrations:

  • Thursday 18 September: strike ballot of NHS members in England closes.
  • Wednesday 24 September: strike ballot of academy school members closes.
  • Monday 29 September: strike ballot of UNISON Scotland local government members closes.
  • Tuesday 30 September: strike ballot for NHS members in Wales opens.
  • Tuesday 14 October: local government members in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be taking their second day of action, after rejecting the employers' pay offer of just 1%.
  • Saturday 18 October: Britain Needs A Pay Rise marches and rallies in London, Glasgow and Northern Ireland.
  • Monday 20 October: NHS Wales ballot closes.

Stressing that UNISON members do not want to strike, Mr Prentis told TUC delegates that, "it is the only way to get to the table – the only way to be heard."

Benefits of being in UNISON (03/05/13)

Organising in Higher Education

UNISON invites you to come along and have a free tea/coffee and a chat with UNISON on Thursday 16 May between 9.30am and 2.30pm at the Branch Meeting Room, 2 Hounsfield Road. UNISON representatives will also be on the Concourse and at the Jessop Café between 12-2pm. Please come along and find out what UNISON can offer you.

Recommend a friend incentive

Non members who join on the day will receive 1 month’s free membership refunded by the Branch after 3 months. Members who ‘Recommend a Friend’ to join will receive a £10 voucher after 3 months.

Find out about the benefits of being a UNISON member

  • Advice, support and help when you need it at work
  • Legal services for you at work and your family at home
  • Financial assistance and debt advice in times of need
  • Helpline open until midnight
  • Compensation for accidents and injuries at work
  • Member discounts—including up to 50% off holidays
  • Education, training and support

We look forward to seeing you.

Advice Surgeries dates published - May to June 2013 (03/05/13)

UNISON Advice Surgeries

Thursday 23 May 2013
Meeting Room
2 Hounsfield Rd

Thursday 6 June 2013
Meeting Room
2 Hounsfield Rd

Tuesday 18 June 2013
2 Hounsfield Rd


Latest newsletter published (May 2013)

You can find all the bulletins we publish here...

Who's who in the branch (27/04/12)

(27/04/12) We are delighted to represent many roles and grades (1-6+) across the whole spectrum of University support staff. We value each member, whether full or part time.

On our Branch Executive panel, we have volunteers who have a wide knowledge of the University, come from different departments, roles and grades. Their experience and knowledge of the work undertaken within the University ensures we can best represent all members of the support and related staff. This also includes representation for all the pension schemes currently on offer within the University. We believe we are the Union best placed to represent your interests. New members are always very welcome and ensure the
continued strength of your UNISON representation.

Who's who in the branch

We want SAUL (07/02/12)

The Executive Committee University of Sheffield Branch of UNISON voted unanimously to continue opposition to the university’s cash balance pension scheme and ask that the option of moving the pensions of workers from grades 1-5 into the Superannuation Arrangement of the University of London (SAUL) be looked at again.

A joint meeting was on Friday the 27th January where local officers of both unions and UNISON regional organiser Steve Torrance spoke to members regarding the pension situation. They stated that there had been no new improvement in the University’s position and that there was no longer any chance of getting old USPS benefit structure back. Members at the meeting agreed with the UNISON Executive Committee that the University of Sheffield Pension Scheme (USPS) was unacceptable in its new form.

UNISON therefore ask that the University of Sheffield take a hard look at SAUL and give staff in grades 1-5 the respect they deserve.

What is SAUL?
SAUL started as the University of London Pension Scheme but now has over 50 universities as members. SAUL is a final salary scheme with benefits broadly similar to the ones offered by USPS before the university decimated it. SAUL would accept University of Sheffield staff into it. You can learn more on the SAUL website www.saul.org.uk/

What Can You Do?
Forcing the university’s top management to think again about SAUL is going to require a maximum effort from all un-ion members. Here are some of the ways you can help.

Turn Up and Make Your Voice Heard
UNISON and the other campus unions have called a lobby of the next university council meeting on Monday the 20th of February. Come along any time between 4:30 and 5:30 for a long as you can. If you are not at work try and come back in, think about bringing your family along with you because an attack on your pension will certainly affect them too. If you have the chance to take a break or use flex time please use it to come to the lobby for a few minutes.

Write a Letter
We need to make our voices heard both in the press and at the university. Write a letter respectfully outlining how the slashing of USPS makes you feel and suggest that we ought to be SAUL members. Below is a list of contact details to get you started:

Sheffield Star:letters@thestar.co.uk
Times Higher Education:letters@tsleducation.com
The Guardian:letters@guardian.co.uk
Sheffield Telegraph: sheffieldtelegraph@sheffieldnewspapers.co.uk

Social Network
Our branch is on facebook www.facebook.com/UNISONUniversityofSheffield and Twitter @sheffuniunison and a facebook campaign page:-

Please go and sign up to them. It might not be your thing, you might not usually use social networks but more and more the success of a campaign is measured by the size of its presence on the internet. It is important in the mind of journalists (who can be a good tool for posting links to articles and communication about events and activities) and is something we need to be doing.

Talk to Your Fellow Workers
The managers on the University Executive Board who are responsible for the loathsome attack on low paid workers that USPS represents will not change their minds and move into SAUL because it is the right thing to do or because it is a good idea, they will only do it if we put on and keep up the pressure. Luckily for us SAUL is both the right thing to do and a good idea. We need to spread the word, talk to the people you work with about how poor USPS is. Talk about how you think if we stand together and do not go quiet we can make a change. Remember the banners around the concourse during graduation? YOU CAN CHANGE ANYTHING. Ask people to join UNISON, with a management happy to be coming first in a race to the bottom, you have to ask yourself if they are willing to make this attack on your pension, what is next? It is more important now than in any other time in the history of the university that your trade union is strong and that means more members.


Oppose the replacement of the Final Salary Pension Scheme

(08/04/2011) Joint Union presentation
'USPS:The University Proposals, and an Alternative' Download here

(08/04/2011) 'Review of pension provision for USPS eligible staff
Scheme Design Recommendations - Council 11 April 2011'
Download here

Download the posters and display them where you work.

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  • Fair and equal treatment for part-time, term-time and temporary staff
  • Access to training and career opportunities for all staff
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